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7 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life

by All Sussed Team

Over a period of just a couple of generations, the complexity of our lives has grown exponentially.

It’s not just work and family pressures – it’s everything.

The sheer number of tasks the average person needs to complete and the information we have to filter on a daily basis is incredible when you stop to think about it. Hectic schedules, juggling work, relationships and family commitments, spinning numerous plates at the same time is par for the course in today’s society. It’s practically taken as a given.

And it can make for a very complicated life.

In an already complicated social environment, many people, consciously or unconsciously, actually make their lives even more complicated than they need to be.

So, here’s a call for simplicity!

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to live a simpler life in a complex world and it doesn’t really involve much more than a concerted effort to take action and just do it.

Here are some ideas to help you.

1. Prioritize

Write down the most important things in your life and allocate time to them accordingly. We all spend way too much time on stuff that is not important or does not bring any value to our lives or the lives of others.

Cut out as much of the bullsh*t as you can (I know – it’s everywhere, right?) and focus on the important stuff first – family, relationships, health, mental well-being, etc. The rest is just bullsh*t.

2. Declutter

Keep your work spaces, your living spaces and your social media organized.

An uncluttered environment is a much less stressful environment, which makes it much easier to relax.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need. We all have way too much stuff these days – and most of it is redundant and just cluttering up our homes.

Ditch or sell the things you don’t need and be more mindful about the new things you buy.

3. Physical activity

The benefits of physical activity are well-known and well-researched, but just because we know it, does not always mean we do it.

Schedule regular exercise at least a few times a week, whether it is a formal fitness class, a gym session, a team sport or just a brisk walk at lunchtime. Some regular cardio will keep you on top of your game and give you a break from whatever madness is going on that day.

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4. Organize your finances

If your finances are in a mess, I can guarantee it’s making your life more complicated than it needs to be.

Get your income and expenditure in order, stick to a budget and clear your debts. That’s one less thing to worry about and another step towards a simpler life.

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5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

How you react to everyday situations can massively affect your health, your life and how people around you perceive you. And potentially anger-invoking stuff can happen any time.

You know, it’s a traffic jam when you’re already late, or a no smoking sign on your cigarette break.

It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.

And meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife.

You get the idea.

As a side-note and without wanting to be too pedantic,  all that stuff Alanis wrote about wasn’t really ‘ironic’ at all – it was more ‘things that can provoke anger or annoyance’ than irony.

But I concede that her line fits better.

Try replacing “Isn’t it ironic – don’t you think?” with “Isn’t it one of those things that can be really annoying and piss you off – don’t you think?”

It doesn’t really work, does it? That’s why she’s a successful songwriter and musician and I’m not . . .

Anyway, the immediate and arguably, natural reaction to let-downs, annoyances or inconsiderate actions of others can be anger or negativity.

But don’t let the b*stards get you down!

You can’t always control the things that happen to you, but you can control the way you handle them.

Eliminate sources of negativity, such as toxic people. Life’s far too short to be hanging around with a-holes who bring you down and always look at life as a half-empty glass. Stick with the optimists and those who support you and add value to your life.

Whilst keeping healthy physically is important, you should not neglect your mental health and well-being.

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6. Get up earlier

Having a good morning routine can make life a lot simpler as it can be the most productive time of the day. Use it to catch up on emails, fitness or a bit of ‘you time’.

I know, I’m not particularly a ‘morning person’ myself, but getting up earlier started to become easier when I realized that waking up just 30 minutes earlier every day gives you the equivalent of a whole week in time every year. That’s massive! Snoozing in bed until the last possible minute you need to get ready for work seems like a waste of time to me.

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7. Take time out

Without taking time to ‘recharge the batteries’ on a fairly regular basis, you’re gonna burn out sooner or later, so do it!

You can do this on a small scale and every day. For example, turning off your mobile phone in the evening. Your business isn’t going to collapse just because you didn’t respond to that text at 10pm.

Most of the time, it’s all stuff that can be done in the morning, so don’t get duped into thinking you have to be available 24/7.

Simplify your life by setting your boundaries.

Ideally though, you should regularly make some time in your schedule just for you.

I know, I know – we’re all busy, right?

There’s never any time. If it’s not your boss, it’s your colleagues and if not your colleagues, it’s family stuff. Time-sucking vampires are everywhere. But this is the whole point about simplifying your life.

It’s so important to make a bit of time for yourself at least once a week or even better, every day.

It can be anything – meditation, studying, reading, do a hobby, working out. Whatever it is, take the opportunity to escape and switch off for a bit. Even if it’s just a few minutes of mindfulness.

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In addition to this, make sure you take a complete break at least once or twice a year in the form of a vacation and if you can’t do that, schedule some weekend getaways whenever you can.

So, that’s life simplification all sussed! How do you simply your life?

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How to simplify your life with these 7 simple tips.
How to simplify your life with these 7 simple tips.
How to simplify your life with these 7 simple tips.
How to simplify your life with these 7 simple tips.
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