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Best TED talks about finance

The 10 Best Financial TED Talks Everyone Needs To Watch

by All Sussed Team

#7. Does Money Make You Mean?

Social psychologist, Paul Piff, discusses his research into how people behave when they feel wealthy. The focus is on the results of an experiment looking at the behaviour of people playing a game of Monopoly when it is rigged in favour of one player.

If you ever thought that wealthy people were generally more mean than those with less money, your suspicions might just be right!

(Approx. 17 mins)

#8. How I Learned To Read – And Trade Stocks – In Prison

In 1996, as an illiterate 17 year-old, Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll was handed a 54-to-life prison sentence after committing a robbery where a man was killed.

While incarcerated, he would regularly ask his cell mate to read him the sports section, since he couldn’t read it himself. One day, he pulled out the business section by mistake, which led to his first encounter with the word ‘stocks’ and a whole new world that intrigued him and spurred him on to first learn to read and then play the stock market.

In this talk, “Wall Street” shares a simple, powerful message: we all need to be more savvy with our money.

(Approx. 11 mins)

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