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Best TED talks about finance

The 10 Best Financial TED Talks Everyone Needs To Watch

by All Sussed Team

#5. The Battle Between Your Present And Future Self

Every single day, we all make decisions that will have consequences for our future selves and those consequences can be either good or bad.

Daniel Goldstein talks about the unequal battle between the present and future self and the need for commitment devices to level the playing field.

This is especially true within a context of commitment to saving money in the present and the future financial self. To help people take action now, he has devised some tools to give people an insight into their financial future.

(Approx. 16 mins)

#6. Post-crash, Investing In A Better World

This talk was filmed back in 2009 after the Great Financial Crisis, but the content is still relevant today and it is interesting to now have the benefit of hindsight to see how much we took heed of the questions posed by Geoff Mulgan.

Did anyone really listen or are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again? Watch this video to find out.

(Approx. 18 mins)

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