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Best TED talks about finance

The 10 Best Financial TED Talks Everyone Needs To Watch

by All Sussed Team

We absolutely love TED Talks. They are a great way to inspire, educate and generally broaden your horizons.

Here we are sharing our Top Ten favourite finance and money-related TED talks that will hopefully inspire, educate and amuse you. At worst, they will give you something to do while you’re standing in a queue instead of playing Fortnite on your phone and trust me, it will be 10-20 minutes of your time much better spent.

And yes – we have really watched all of these financial TED Talks! We don’t recommend things without having tried them ourselves first.

#1. An Honest Look At The Personal Finance Crisis

This is an extremely honest and brutal composite story of an educated woman in her 50s, struggling to make ends meet and faced with the prospect of heading into her senior years with little or no money, in an environment with ever-decreasing opportunities to earn a salary in line with her expertise and experience.

Elizabeth White describes a life that is becoming increasingly more common for her generation and, if society doesn’t change, will remain a personal finance issue for generations to come.

And the message to those of you reading who are still in your “prime years”: you really need to watch this, take heed and take action!

(Approx. 18 mins)

#2. You May Be Accidentally Investing In Cigarette Companies

If you have money invested in any kind of equity fund portfolio, it is highly likely that you are invested in the tobacco industry. Australian oncologist, Dr Bronwyn King, tells how she uncovered the deep ties between the tobacco industry and the entire global finance sector.

You, too, are probably investing money for the future, either privately or through a pension scheme, but should we be taking a stronger stance on exactly where our money is being invested? Do we know that by investing in tobacco companies, we are effectively silently complicit in tobacco-related deaths?

This is a subject that many of us who are investing money for future financial security ever stop to consider and Dr. King’s talk provides an opportunity to contemplate how ethical our investments really are and whether or not we should select the companies we invest in more carefully.

(Approx. 15 mins)

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